Keeping Both Feet on the Ground

A Wireless Alternative to Satellites


The Challenge

Komatsu, the international manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, developed a machine tracking/fleet management system as means of making their reputation for excellent service support even better. The system can report vehicle diagnostics via satellite. But in areas where satellite communications are unlicensed or unavailable the service technicians needed to use a hard-wired connection to a PC if they wanted to access vehicle data. And some of these machines are 30 feet tall. Komatsu needed a solution that would work in extreme environments and that would spare the technicians from the need to climb vehicles that were as high as a three story building.

The Solution

B&B Electronics provided Komatsu with the Quatech Airborne heavy duty Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge. The bridge created a wireless alternative to satellite communications, allowing Komatsu to remotely access vehicle diagnostic data without worrying about satellite availability to the need to scale monster trucks.  

Why B&B Electronics?

B&B Electronics builds rugged, reliable devices that can stand up to tough environments. And we’re experts at extending the network edge to include remote locations. Wherever your vehicles may be, B&B Electronics will take their data where it needs to go.

The Product

Quatech Airborne heavy duty Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge
Extended operating temperature: -20°C to +85°C
Hardened construction for industrial use