New Connections for an Old Mall

New Connections for an Old Mall

The Challenge
One of B&B's customers needed to install ATMs in an large, but older shopping mall. The ATMs needed secure, real time connections, but the Ethernet infrastructure in the mall had been added as an afterthought and was of questionable quality. Our customer wanted something more reliable.

The Solution
B&B Electronics suggested the ER75i cellular router. The ER75i provides a cellular wireless connection for the devices on a private Ethernet network or -- as in the case of the ATM machines -- just a single device with a USB or Ethernet port. The router's twin SIM card ports allow the router to access two cellular providers at the same time, allowing for redundant backhaul.

Why B&B Electronics?

B&B Electronics can help you network just about anything, anywhere. Even the most remote locations can be equipped with reliable, secure data communication connections.

The Product: ER75i Cellular Router

  • Standard equipment includes a USB port and Ethernet 10/100 interfaces. Optional ports are available.
  • -30 ° C to +60 °C (-22° F to 140° F) operating temperature
  • Two SIM card ports – Users can use alternate cellular providers for system redundancy



GPRS/EDGE ER75i v2 Cellular Routers