Recording Wastewater Chlorine & pH Levels

Recording Wastewater Chlorine  & pH Levels

Industry: Water & Wastewater Treatment
Product: Ethernet

The Challenge
This water and sewer district provides wastewater services to about 7,500 people in Washington State. The plant has a testing laboratory to check chlorine and PH levels before the treated water goes back into a river at the outfall. As with most wastewater plants; the testing facility is a long distance from the plant, which created problems with data transmission. Technicians at the lab could enter data into their laptop, but were unable to enter data directly into the main network at the plant because they were not connected.

The Solution
B&B solved this problem by extending the plant’s Ethernet network out to the testing facility with a pair of Ethernet Extenders. The Ethernet extenders were a simple, cost effective solution for data connectivity. Now, technicians in the testing lab can enter values directly into the mainframe system via the extended network connection. Since the connectivity is bidirectional, the technician can also research files residing in the mainframe at the plant while at the lab.

Why B&B Electronics?

  • Ethernet extenders provide inexpensive connectivity for increased flexibility and productivity. Our free technical support can help you extend your Ethernet infrastructure using existing copper wire or coaxial cable
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  • Designed for rugged environments, the five year warranty ensures our devices are trouble free

The Product: 

Model EIR-EXTEND – Ethernet Extender
Model VESR901 – Ethernet to Serial Server

  • Terminal blocks
  • Status LED’s for monitoring and connection status
  • Auto senses the speed up to 50Mbps
  • Auto MDIX on Ethernet port
  • Wide temperature range: -40 to 75°C