Uninstall SIO/DIO/QIO driver in Windows 9x/Me

4.1 Windows 95OB/98/98SE/Me Uninstall Procedures

Under normal operation, it should never be necessary to uninstall the driver-related files for the Socket Serial I/O cards. If you must remove them, perform the following steps:

Uninstall Categories:

4.1.1 Uninstall the Hi-Speed Serial Card from the Device Manager
4.1.2 Remove the Serial I/O .INF 
4.1.3 Remove the Hi-Speed COM Tools & System Files

4.1.1 Uninstall Procedures for Serial I/O from the Device Manager

1. Plug in the Socket Serial HS I/O Card you wish to uninstall
2. Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel and double click on System icon. This will take you to the System Properties.
3. Select the "Device Manager" tab and make sure to "View the devices by type"
4. Under "Ports (COM & LPT)" select the "Socket HS Serial I/O CF+ Card" or "Socket HS Serial I/O PC Card"
5. Right click and select REMOVE.
6. Click OK to confirm the Device Removal.
7. Remove the Serial HS I/O Card from your Device

4.1.2 Remove the Serial I/O INF file

If you installed the Hi-Speed Serial Card using the installation CD, you need to remove any reference to the Socket Serial I/O cards in the Windows\INF\OTHER directory. Follow the directions 
in the next section to complete procedure for removing the drivers.

Open Windows Explorer. Go to the View (or Tools) menu and choose Folder Options. Under View | Hidden Files make sure to select 
"Show All Files". To change the settings click OK. In Windows Explorer, go to the Windows\Inf\Other folder. There should be an .inf entry called "Socket Communication, Inc.SKTSio95.INF". Select the file and delete it.

4.1.3 Remove the Hi-Speed COM Tools & system Files

First you need to make sure that the Hi-Speed COM Tools app is not running in the tasktray of your system. Hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE to get to your task manager. Click on “Processes”. If you see SCTRAY.EXE, select it and click “End Task”

Open Windows Explorer and delete the files in the following locations:

1. Windows\System\SKTSIO95.VXD
2. Windows\System\SCBaud.cpl
3. Windows\System\IOSubsys\SCTB.VXD
4. Windows\SCtray.exe

Once the card is uninstalled, download IOSOCKETNEW.INF. Reboot then reinstall the card with the driver from the web, not the CD. Insert the card, the Add New Hardware Wizard will come up. Select Install from a list or specific location. Click Next >.

In the next screen, do the following:

Select Search for the best driver in these locations.

• Uncheck Search removable media.
• Check Include this location in the search, point to the location of the driver fileIOSOCKETNEW.INF.
• This will install the card on your machine.


• If a screen warns you that the software has not passed Windows Logo testing, click Continue Anyway. The card should install and give you the option to “Finish”. Go to your Device Manager, Identify the COM port, close out of the Device Manager, set the COM port in your software and test the card with your serial device.