Serial Converter Selection Guide

| 11/5/2015 8:20:04 AM

Stan SimmonsWe’ve Got the Answers to Your Questions About Serial Connectivity

Internet of Things tech may get the media headlines, but industry’s tried and true RS-232/422/485 serial connections remain as ubiquitous as ever.  So B+B SmartWorx tech support still fields questions about serial connectivity every day, with the most common topics being serial conversion and isolation. 

No single product is the best for every application.  We’ve put together a short, four page document that will help you select the serial conversion or isolation product that is most appropriate for your own needs.  We’ve considered a variety of attributes, like the way a converter will need to be mounted, how it will be powered and the technical specifications that are relevant to specific applications. 

Download the RS-232 to RS-422/485 Product Selection Guide.

The selection guide covers the basics.  But if you need to convert serial data using a method not mentioned in the guide, we have additional resources that will help you make informed decisions.


Custom Converters

B+B can also provide customized converters to fit specific applications.  It may be as simple as a label change.  It may be something more complicated, like a board spin to accommodate a specific package or connector change.  So even if you don’t see the solution you need on our website, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide it for you.  Just contact one of the experts on the B+B Technical Support team for a free consultation.  We’ll be happy to help.


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