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| 5/7/2015 1:14:07 PM

Stan SimmonsHi, I’m Stan Simmons, manager of the Technical Services Group here at B&B Electronics. You may have questions about data networking projects, and I wanted to be sure that you are aware of some of the B&B resources that can help you answer them.  
Free Technical Support
We encourage customers to use our tech support staff as a mini consulting team. They can provide the expertise you need to get your next project up and running -- quickly and in the right direction. Sometimes folks wait too long, and we don’t hear about problems until after time and money have already been stretched beyond the original project scope. 
Please feel welcome to have your design team call or e-mail us about your communications connectivity needs as soon as you start thinking about your next project. We can help you get it right the first time. And we can help you keep getting it right -- before, during, or after a project is complete. 
Field Applications Engineers (FAEs)
Sometimes a phone call isn’t enough. Large or highly complex projects may require a site visit from B&B Electronics field applications engineers. These guys are sharp – they’ll propose solutions that really work.
Learning Center
The B&B Electronics web site includes a section dedicated to educating customers about data networking technologies and products. We invite you to browse our large library of white papers, videos, tutorial guides and technical articles. Visit the Learning Center.  

Support Center
B&B also has a terrific set of case studies and application stories that describe real world problems we’ve encountered, and what was done to solve them. If you’re looking for a solution to one of your own problems, it’s quite likely that you’ll find a story about a B&B customer who was dealing with a very similar, if not identical, issue.  Why try to re-invent the wheel?  The built in search feature will help you find the story you’re looking for.  Search by category or by keyword.  Visit the Support Center.  
Additional Documentation
We don’t ship catalogs anymore, but we can still help you select appropriate products for specific projects.  You can use the web site’s navigation to find the right products, of course.  And here are a few links to useful product guides:

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