USB to Serial Converter Selection Tips

| 6/16/2015 4:14:35 PM

Stan Simmons

Three weeks ago we sent out a Tech Tip that was designed to help our customers select an appropriate Ethernet switch when making a network installation.  I was pleased to see that the Tech Tip produced lots of good feedback, including some compliments regarding the selection guide format.
Today we’ll look at an equally important device connectivity issue. With the legacy RS-232 serial port becoming almost extinct on modern PCs, the USB port has become the new standard for serial connections.  This works just fine, but not until you have made a connection between the USB port on the PC and the serial port on the peripheral device.
To make this connection, you’ll need a USB to Serial Converter.  There are many different USB serial converters to choose from, each with its own features and options.  So, just as we did with the Ethernet switches, we’ve put together a selection guide that will answer your questions.  It will help you select the converter that best suits your needs.
Don’t forget to review the sidebar information that explains features like Port to Port Isolation, Locked Serial Numbers and High Retention USB Ports.  Each of these features could be very useful to you, depending upon what it is that you need to accomplish.
By the way: The B+B web site has additional USB information that you may find useful.  Here are a few of the top titles:
If you are still puzzled or want some help selecting the right device for your application be sure and contact our Technical Support team.
-- Stan

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