Custom Modem Splitter Card for Air Traffic Control

Custom Modem Splitter Card  for Air Traffic Control

Industry: Transportation
Product: Custom 8-Port Modem Splitter Card

The Challenge
Sunhillo Corporation, a specialist in data communications for air traffic control, required a data communications product that could provide connectivity from one device to up to six processors. These were to be used as part of the air traffic control computer system, so redundancy and reliability were key factors.

The Solution
B&B Electronics designed and built a custom 8-port computer card. The card was redundant in distributed architectures. It also facilitated the transition from a legacy system to a new system by providing data connections to both.

Why B&B Electronics?

Our design engineers know data communications and provide solutions out-of-the-box or with custom needs. With products manufactured in the United States, quality is top-notch and delivery time is remarkably fast. When the safety of air travelers is at stake, there is no room for compromise on quality. B&B Electronics delivered the right solution.

The Product: Custom – 8-Port Modem Splitter Card

  • Two DB-25 male ports for modem input
  • Four DB-25 female ports for port connection control
  • Two DB-25 female output only ports
  • Dual 12 VDC power inputs provide redundant power
  • Hot pluggable
  • Nine LEDs indicate real time status, functionality