Vehicle Diagnostic Protocol

Vehicle Diagnostic Protocol Fleet Management

The Challenge
A telecommunications company with a fleet of more than 100,000 vehicle scattered all over the world needed a comprehensive fleet management solution for it service vehicles. The fleet managers wanted a system with the flexibility to monitor vehicle locations, monitoring driver behavior, check vehicle condition and track onboard inventory.

The Solution
B&B Electronics’ OBDII fleet management solutions gave the fleet managers the ability to monitor a vast array of information. Parameters included fuel usage, brake pedal application, seat belt use, emissions status, and much more. Our OBDII solutions also allow our customers to develop richer, more powerful management applications. They offer a quick return on investment through fuel savings, reduction in accidents, and the ability to use timely maintenance to cut down on repair costs

Why B&B Electronics?

B&B Electronics builds rugged, reliable devices that can stand up to tough environments. And we’re experts at extending the network edge to include remote locations. Wherever your vehicles may travel, B&B Electronics will take their data where it needs to go.

The Product: OBDII Streamer

  • Can be configured to send data automatically or upon request
  • Tremendous flexibility host application
  • Extended operating temperature range (-40 to 85°C)



Advantech B+B SmartWorx OBDII converters and data gateways simplify your vehicle interface systems. Translate the complicated data used in fleet management systems from Telematics Service Providers.