Retail Gasoline Distribution / Point of Sale

Retail Gasoline Distribution /  Point of Sale

Industry: Retail/Point of Sale
Product: Custom Solutions

The Challenge
The pumps at some Gilbarco and BP gas stations used a current loop circuit to determine how much gasoline was dispensed. The credit card readers and key pads used serial communications (RS-485). The challenge was to create a single device that would convert all of this disparate data to Ethernet so that the controlling computer could determine the price to charge the customer, validate the credit card, and track gasoline inventory

The Solution
B&B Electronics developed and custom built the ESP906CL to solve the problem. The ESP906CL converts both the current loop and serial data in a single device and transmits it to the controlling computer via Ethernet. The systems now run much more smoothly and with far less maintenance.

Why B&B Electronics?
Whether you choose our standard products or need a custom solution, B&B Electronics’ engineering teams can design the right solution. Streamlining your data communication systems reduces downtime, increases efficiency and cuts your costs.

The Product: 
Now you can Ethernet enable any serial device—even your legacy digital current loops. Use B&B’s Vlinx™ Serial Server technology to put your serial ports to work for you. Imagine the ability to communicate with every piece of equipment from any networked PC. Eliminate site visits just to make a minor configuration changes. Reduce service calls and increase productivity by knowing what your equipment is doing before you get a trouble-report. Spend more time doing the work you are paid to do instead of chasing down nuisance problems in remotely located equipment.

Do you have equipment with RS-232/422/485 or current loop interfaces that you have left unconnected? Many new and existing installations have equipment with unused ports for programming, monitoring or diagnostics. With B&B’s Vlinx™ Serial Servers, you can put all those ports to work for you.

Simply connect the Vlinx™ server to the equipment’s serial port, and connect the Vlinx™ Ethernet port to your LAN. Your equipment is now online. It will appear as a local COM port on any networked PC running our Virtual Serial Port software. No software customization required, just run the appropriate software for your equipment.

  • DIN rail or panel mount
  • Supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Supports RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 and digital current loop interfaces
  • Remotely upgrade or restore to default settings
  • Manual and remote management of console mode
  • Supports LAN and WAN communications
  • Supports multiple TCP client connections
  • Management access password protected