Cellular Connections for Transaction Management

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SPECTRE Cellular routers from B&B Electronics aggregate multiple data networking protocols and provide secure Internet backhaul for LANs and remote devices -- virtually anywhere.

When your customers interact with equipment like ATM machines and card readers, the locations are typically chosen for their convenience to the customer. Ease of installation won’t always be a primary concern. The location may be perfect for a remote bus ticketing machine or a vending machine, but local circumstances or the distances involved may make fiber or copper cable impractical or prohibitively expensive. So how do network designers cope with these issues?
Spectre Cellular Router
The Solution
Built for industrial applications, the Spectre cellular router exploits the fast data-transfer speeds of the cellular network. The Spectre router aggregates data from multiple sources and provides secure Internet or intranet backhaul over the cellular network. It features a variety of custom configurable data networking interfaces. Options include 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11 Wi-Fi, serial RS-232/485/422 or data I/O.
The router can be configured to provide fail-over between wired and wireless backhaul connections, or between multiple wireless carriers. The dual SIM card option provides redundancy if one of the networks fails. It also lets users switch wireless carriers to proactively manage data-plan expenses.

Sample Application
Vending machine companies can use the SPECTRE router and the cellular communications system to provide real-time overview and monitoring of vending machine activity, collecting important operational information like the quantities of each product that are currently stocked in each machine and the amount of money that each machine has collected.
By making manual inspections unnecessary, the SPECTRE significantly increases the efficiency of the operation. By reporting breakdown or defects in real time, the SPECTRE lets operators make prompt responses, which benefits both the operators and their customers.

Security and Remote Maintenance
The Spectre router supports commonly used LAN/WAN networking protocols and VPN tunnel creation. The router’s diagnostic and hardware watchdog functions ensure secure and reliable cellular connections. For critical
applications, the Spectre router provides SMS and email messaging for remote alerts and control.
Security and Remote MaintenanceOptionally, Spectre management software, R-SeeNet, can be used to monitor and manage the network routers. R-See-Net continuously collects information from each of the routers in the network and records the data in a centralized data base.
Spectre products use an open source LINUX-based architecture and are easily customizable through installation of software plug-in modules. Users can create their own modules with common LINUX commands and scripts, or download them from B&B’s existing library.

Why B&B Electronics?
B&B Electronics designs and builds rugged, reliable network devices that can do their jobs in tough environments. And when a problem calls for a custom solution, we’ll design and build that, too. B&B Electronics keeps your data