The Intelligent Approach to Physical Security

Intelligent Approach to Physical Security
Physical security once meant watchmen on foot patrol, fences, locks and key rings. Things are a bit more complicated these days. A modern security system may include RFID tags and readers, IP/digital cameras in public or private spaces, access control systems,integrated servers, video analytics, facial recognition systems, card scanners and biometrics. Data may be collected in multiple locations, and it may need to be available to multiple recipients, like mobile security personnel.

The Challenge

A large facility needed to monitor and control access at multiple remote entrances. There would be multiple devices at each remote location, like card readers and video cameras. Because of the distances involved, device data and video collected at the remote locations would have to be converted for fiber optic transmission back to
the control center. And the entire system would be exposed to fluctuating outdoor temperatures.

The Solution

B&B Electronics’ IMC IE-MultiWay media converter cut complexity and costs. In this application the IE-MultiWay was used to daisy-chain a single Gigabit fiber line by dropping copper lines at each secured entrance. The IMC IE-MultiWay’s flexibility and rugged temperature specs (-40 to +85 C) made it ideal for this type of outdoor application.

Had it been deemed necessary, the MC IE-MultiWay could have been used to provide an alternate return route as a backup for the main fiber optic cable run.

Why B&B Electronics?

B&B Electronics offers a broad selection of products and the support to go with it. The reliable, rugged features built into each switch reduce the risks and costs of downtime. For security companies, downtime can cause service interruption cost penalties and increase maintenance expense. Choose B&B Electronics to make installation and maintenance easy and affordable.

The Product

IE-MultiWayThe IE-MultiWay is a cost effective, Carrier-class managed Gigabit Ethernet solution that is ideal for use as a CPE device at the network edge as well as in a fiber infrastructure. The IE-MultiWay comes standard with two SFP uplink ports for the fibernetwork connection and two 10/100/1000Base-T copper ports.
The IE-MultiWay supports four distinct DIP Switch selectable configurations: A 1+1 Uplink Protection Switch, a 4-port Gigabit Switch, and a Dual Copper to Fiber SFP Media/Mode Converter (two gigabit fiber media converters in one).
As a 4-port device, it can be deployed with fiber redundancy (with or without 1+1 uplink protection) and status monitoring with management on all ports via SNMP, which features OAM for mission-critical applications. It can also be installed as a dual 10/100/1000 Mbps copper to fiber media converter and be used as two separate converters at the same time.

The IE-MultiWay supports 10/100/1000 Mbps and 1 Gbps copper as well as 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps optical SFP modules. The hot-swappable nature of SFPs and the numerous fiber modes and types allow for easy configuration and future upgrading as network demands evolve.
The IE-MultiWay was designed to support simple upgrade paths via the company’s Free Software Download page. You can easily view the GUI and the configuration program for VLANs and other port configurations with iView2, B&B Electronics’ standalone management software for Windows NT/XP/2000/Vista/7.
The IE-MultiWay supports port-based VLAN and VLAN trunks, IEEE 802.1ad (Q-in-Q) and a user definable EtherType. The Serial CLI, Telnet CLI and SNMP Management Software provide easy access to information like interface statistics, RMON1 statistics, and OAM status and control.


10/100/1000 Mbps Dual Media/Mode Converter Demarcation Unit