Interactive Information for Traffic Applications

Interactive Information Systems for Traffic Applications

The Challenge
One of B&B’s clients installs interactive devices used for traffic control, like changeable electronic road signage and displays. The signs are used to provide drivers with real-time information regarding things like traffic conditions, accidents, changes to speed limits and construction zones.

Our client also installs IP traffic cameras at strategic locations as well as meteorological sensors that report air temperatures, roadway surface temperatures, wind strength and ice alerts. Predictably enough, these devices are scattered everywhere, and they must report to control centers that may be hundreds of miles away. Few of the remote locations have access to any cable infrastructure.

The Solution
B&B Electronics noted that a fiber cable build out would be prohibitively expensive. Instead, we suggested making use of the cellular telephone network. We equipped the remote locations with our ER75i cellular router. The devices can report wirelessly, and there is ample bandwidth, even for IP cameras. The router’s multiple inputs provide for binary or analog data streams.

Why B&B Electronics?
B&B Electronics builds rugged, reliable devices that can do their jobs in tough environments. And we get your data where it needs to go, whether it’s via wired connections, wireless connections or one of the many possible combinations of the two.

The Product: ER75i Cellular Router 
Standard equipment includes a USB port and Ethernet 10/100 interfaces. Optional ports are available. -30 ° C to +60 °C (-22° F to 140° F) operating temperature Two SIM card ports – Users can use alternate cellular providers for system redundancy.


GPRS/EDGE ER75i v2 Cellular Routers