Gigabit and PoE Switches for Mall Security and Surveillance

Gigabit and PoE Switches for Mall Security and Surveillance

Industry: Security
Product: Industrial Gigabit and PoE Ethernet Switches

The Challenge
Only a security company truly appreciates how hard it is to secure an entire shopping mall. One of our clients was tasked with reliably monitoring mall and store entrances, hallways, bathroom locations, kiosks, parking lots and more. And they had to do it on a tight budget.

The Solution
B+B Ethernet switches with Gigabit (EIR405-T) and PoE (EIRP610-2SFP-T) capabilities were perfect for the mall security application. Strategically placed Ethernet switches provided coverage for the entire mall. The switches network remote devices like RFID readers, cameras, wireless Access Points and VoIP phones and send the data back to one or more security locations as needed. The PoE function allows remote devices to be powered in locations where an AC installation would be impractical or overly expensive.

Why B+B SmartWorx?
B+B SmartWorx offers a broad selection of products and the support to go with it. The reliable, rugged features built into each switch reduce the risks and costs of downtime. For security companies, downtime can cause service interruption cost penalties and increase maintenance expense. Choose B+B SmartWorx to make installation and maintenance easy and affordable

The Product: 

Elinx™ Model EIR405-T – Industrial 5 port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • High bandwidth: all 5 ports support Gigabit speeds
  • Wide temperature: -40 to 75°C 

Elinx™ Model EIRP610-2SFP-T – Industrial 10 port Managed Ethernet Switch with 8 PoE ports

  • 8 PoE ports used to power cameras, Access Points, and other PoE devices
  • Wide temperature: -40 to 75°C


Unmanaged 4 to 18 port Gigabit Ethernet Switches
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