Proprietary RF - the Wireless Workhorse

With the recent buzz around the latest greatest wireless standards, the true workhorse of the wireless world sometimes gets lost in the shadows. We can put the 900 MHz and 2.4 MHz bands to work for you using a proprietary communications scheme to create transparent wireless links at 1200 to 57600 bps.

Utilizing frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology, these proprietary (not-standards based) radios are inherently secure. They’re also extremely power efficient and feature one of the best receiver sensitivity ratings in the industry, ranging from -102 dBm to -114 dBm. That sensitivity translates into superior range and communications reliability. Even more significant is the cost savings you’ll realize by covering more ground with fewer radios.

B&B Electronics would like to help you add robust wireless communications to your device. Utilizing existing technology platforms to reduce cost and speed time to market, we provide the customization you need to integrate wireless into your product.