Custom Product Request Form

Product customization has always been a core service of B&B Electronics. Teaming our in-house design engineering with on-site manufacturing, we can build a product for your unique needs. Just answer a few questions to help us get started on your quote.

Is your customization based on an existing B&B Electronics Product?
If yes, what's the B&B Electronics Model Number?   
Please describe the customizations (changes/development) you require:
Describe the application where the product will be used.
Please include any special certifications. If the custom product is based on an existing product, we will automatically include the same FCC and CE certifications.
Is UL safety testing required? Which UL standard is needed?
Will this product ultimately be exported outside the United States? If so, where do you anticipate it being used?
Please describe any marketing requirements?
ie - branded label, special color, documentation, packaging, etc