USB Isolation - Strong Enough for Medical Applications

USB Isolation - Strong Enough  for Medical Applications

Industry: Medical
Product: USB Isolators

The Challenge
Medical system designers who want to take advantage of USB’s plug-n-play, hot swappability, and robust peripheral support must factor in isolation for safety concerns. At least two independent isolation systems are normally required. Some systems must comply with the IEC60601 standard: isolation at all interfaces and peripherals at patient points of contact.

The problem, he soon discovered, was that while his laptop was plugged into the wall, the machine he was servicing was connected to the shop’s single-phase power supply and its leads had been reversed to keep it from tripping a GFI switch. As the laptop and the connected device now had different ground potentials, the USB cable became the path to a lower ground state. It was an expensive lesson.

B&B Electronics’ Model UH401 provides the isolation required for most medical applications. It's compact size allows it to easily integrate with existing equipment. 

The Solution
B&B ElectronicsUH401 provides the isolation necessary to help certify your equipment. This compact USB isolator easily inserts directly into the USB signal lines of existing medical applications - without any additional components or software modifications.

Why B&B Electronics?
B&B Electronics’ USB expertise in design and manufacturing provides an ideal method of adding USB functionality and a simple, convenient isolation solution to existing medical systems – at market competitive, price-to-performance value.

The Product: Ulinx™ Model UH401 – USB Isolator

  • 4kV isolation
  • ESD Protection - 8kV contact, 15kV
  • High retention USB connectors
  • Connectors: Type B-Upstream, Type A-Downstream
  • Ultra compact
  • Includes 1 meter, Type A to B USB cable
  • Operating temperature -40 to 80°C
  • USB bus powered

This tiny isolator packs a powerful punch against electrical noises, surges and spikes - protecting expensive PCs and equipment from damaging electrical storms, power surges and other high EMI/RFI disturbances. Isolation barrier eliminates disruptive ground loops in measurement applications. Up to 100mA of current to attached downstream devices. LED indicates power supplied via upstream USB port.


In-line applications with 4 kV Isolation