Design Improvements for Monitoring Laboratory Equipment

Design Improvements for  Monitoring Laboratory Equipment

Industry: Manufacturing & Automation
Product: USB to Serial Mini Converters

The Challenge
Parr Instruments in Moline, Illinois, manufactures laboratory instruments and apparatus for testing fuels. Their worldwide customers include oil and gas companies, coal burning facilities, and pharmaceutical laboratories. Like so many commercial and industrial devices, Parr’s instruments were originally designed to connect through a serial port. But because Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become the most common connector for PCs, Parr incorporated a USB-to-serial converter into their designs. The converter that they chose was failing at a rate that didn’t meet Parr’s standards for quality and performance in tough environments. So Parr looked for a rugged converter that met those standards and could be incorporated as a permanent component in their instruments.

The Solution
B&B Electronics consulted with Parr’s instrumentation design engineers and found that B&B’s standard 485USB9F-2W mini-converter would not only satisfy their requirements; there was no need for customization. It could be built in to Parr’s devices without modification, allowing the serial-equipped controller and connected PC to communicate via a USB port.

Why B&B Electronics?
With B&B Electronics, Parr Instruments found the engineering support they needed to solve this problem. Their design engineers needed a high-quality converter at a reasonable cost to ensure the quality of their OEM product. Product quality affects the bottom line in returned products and reputation for future sales.

The Product: Model 485USB9F-2W - USB to Serial Mini Converter

The 485USB9F-2W USB to Serial Mini Converters offer this solution in a space saving, USB port powered package. Its rugged construction provides the reliability they need and its small size made it easy to incorporate into their product design. In addition, the converter includes a five year warranty.


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