Wired Link Solution

Can’t See the Data Because of the Trees

The Customer

Huron Design, Inc. is an OEM, Engineering, Tooling, Machine and Automation Build Corporation specializing in Secondary Equipment - poke-yoke, assembly, machining, degating, metal removal, sonic welding, verification, troubleshooting and system integration, and additionally, licensed builders and United States & Canadian patent holders.

The Challenge

Huron Design is nestled into a century-old Christmas tree farm in Clyde Township, Michigan. Though some of the trees have been harvested over the years, most have matured to be up to 60 feet tall. The forest makes it hard to transmit and receive wireless communications at Huron Design’s home office. Even cell phones are problematical. Huron Design wished to establish an Ethernet connection between the home office and a main building located elsewhere on the property, but the intervening trees made a wireless bridge impractical.

The Solution

B&B Electronics provided a wired link solution. Using the EIR-EXTEND and 485 feet of underground, flood-proof cable, B&B connected the home office to the server/modem in the main building while maintaining the connection speed of 100 Mbps.

Why B&B Electronics?

The Huron Design is a perfect example of why the latest technologies (in this case, wireless) are not always the best answer to data communication problems. B&B Electronics offers free technical support and alternative communication solutions based on serial, Ethernet, wireless, USB and other technologies. For Huron Design, an Ethernet extender was identified as the best, most cost-effective solution. Their data is now running freely through the forest with products from B&B Electronics.

The Product

Elinx™ Model EIR-EXTEND
- Ethernet Extender
  • One 10/100BaseTX (TX) Ethernet port with RJ-45 connector
  • Auto negotiation of speed and duplex mode on TX port
  • Auto MDIX on Ethernet port
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3 10BaseT and IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX standards
  • Auto senses the speed of 1/3/5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50Mbps
  • Wide operating temperature -40 to 75º C (tested to 85º C)
  • Status LED’s for monitoring and connection status
  • One DIP switch configures each unit for either local mode or remote mode
  • Terminal blocks
  • Redundant power input from 12-30VDC

Elinx™ Model EIR-EXTEND extends Ethernet connections up to 6200 ft. (1900 m) over a pair of unused straight copper. Two Extenders are required for the Ethernet extension - one at each end of your extension points. (Wires must only connect to the Elinx Extenders to work properly and prevent damage). Other applications include: industrial automation, building automation, SCADA, warehousing, traffic control, point-of-sale, CCTV to IP, and surveillance cameras. A coaxial version is also available, extending Ethernet up to 8,530 feet (1900m) over coaxial cabling.