Wireless Technology for Modern Health Care

Wireless Technology for  Modern Health Care


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Some medical devices become immensely more valuable if you can make them mobile. Moving a modern medical cart from room to room is far more efficient than moving the patients and their beds  so long as you can still maintain reliable network connections. Other devices, like EKG monitors and X-Ray machines, call for less mobility but still require dependable wireless data connectivity.
Wi-Fi can be the answer. Wi-Fi is standards-based and will interoperate reliably with multiple vendor products. Wi-Fi networks are widely deployed in hospitals and can be used to connect remote medical devices to networks, letting them share data with other network nodes. 
Wi-Fi supports robust security protocols, ensuring that the confidentiality of patient data is protected at all times. It lets a network administrator work from a central location while performing critical diagnostics tests and software updates anywhere on the network. Wi-Fi devices are steadily becoming more compact and less power hungry, allowing for easier integration into mobile devices..
But, as Wi-Fi access has proliferated in hospitals, Wi-Fi signals from personal devices belonging to patients and visitors have begun to saturate the license-free 2.4 GHz band. This can lead to degraded connections, timeouts and data retries.
Dual band Wi-Fi is the answer. You can continue taking advantage of the benefits of Wi-Fi and to address the issue of overcrowded hospital airspace at the same time.

The Solution

B+B SmartWorx’ ABDN-ER-DP551is a dual band Ethernet bridge and router that can connect equipment to networks via either the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz license free bands. Where the 2.4 GHz band is overcrowded, the ABDN-ER-DP551 can operate at 5 GHz. Every radio environment is a bit different, so the ability to use either license free band provides vital flexibility. Additionally, the ABDN-ER-DP551’s small form factor and low power requirements let it fit just about anywhere, even in the most crowded medical cart, and it will operate on USB power. Its advanced security protocols ensure that patients’ private information will always be secure.
Multiple Solutions

Multiple Solutions
The ABDN-ER-DP551 is a member of B+B SmartWorx’ AirborneM2M family of dual band Wi-Fi M2M solutions. AirborneM2M devices provide reliable network connections They support advanced Wi-Fi security authentication and encryption protocols. They are built for rugged environments and easy to set up and use. Models with serial ports are available making it easy to network-enable legacy serial equipment.

Embedded Solutions
B+B SmartWorx’ AirborneM2M technology is also available as an embedded module. Our medical device manufacturer is now investigating an engineering project that will integrate AirborneM2M technology directly into their systems with all of the same features and capabilities – and an even smaller form factor.


Connect Ethernet based devices or networks in to your WiFi network. Featuring dual band capabilities and enterprise class security, the AirborneM2M WiFi bridges/router assure connectivity under even the most rigid of IT security policies. Dual band capability gives you the confidence that your equipment will stay connected as infrastructure upgrades and policies push a higher percentage of equipment to the 5GHz band.