Transwestern Pipeline Maximizes Investment

Transwestern Pipelinee

Industry: Petroleum, Oil & Gas
Product: Modbus Ethernet Serial Servers

The Challenge
Transwestern Pipeline provides natural gas for the southwestern United States. Their expensive chromatograph gas analyzer was underutilized. It communicated via Modbus TCP, while many of the company’s sampling units communicated using Modbus RTU. Transwestern explored upgrading the RTU devices to support TCP but it proved unworkable. And new ones would cost about $50,000 each. To accomplish their objective, they needed to find a device that could bridge the gap between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU.

The Solution
Transwestern Pipeline used B&B’s MESR Modbus serial to Ethernet gateway to connect the remote RTU devices. The MESR allows Modbus ASCII, RTU and TCP devices to communicate freely. Transwestern’s remote RTUs were able to share the chromatograph gas analyzer, and Transwestern was able to avoid making a very large -- and unnecessary -- capital investment.

Why B&B Electronics?

  • Ability of the MESR Modbus Gateway to communicate directly to the RTU’s over Modbus RTU, convert the data to Ethernet and provide access from the remote RTU’s to the existing Chromatograph
  • The MESR’s DB9 or Terminal Block serial connections provide flexible options for in the field wiring

The Product:  Vlinx™ MESR901 and MESR902T - 1 and 2 port Modbus Serial to Ethernet Gateway

  • Modbus Master/Slave Flexibilty
  • Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU on serial ports
  • Modbus messaging priority control (source or function code selectable)