Wireless Remote Volcano Monitoring

Conel products monitoring Icelandic volcanoes
Equipment used: GPRS/EDGE router ER75i

What do icelandic volcanoes do?
The answer to this question is extremely important for many people and companies – not only on Iceland. In 2010 air traffic was shut down due to volcano ash in the atmosphere. Thousands of people waited in vain for their scheduled flights and numerous cargo shipments were delayed across Europe. For these reasons and more, remote monitoring of volcanoes is important to all of us.

Conel s.r.o. devices – in this case GPRS/EDGE ER75i routers – help transfer data from seismological stations via wireless GPRS/EDGE mobile operator network technology to a central location where it is processed and analyzed.

“Wireless data transfer from geo-measuring devices is one of the large varieties of applications where GSM mobile operator network communication is really efficient. Reliability and security of such a solution is vital. Also important are entry -level and operating costs compared to other technologies available on market,” says Otakar Müller, Conel Marketing and Sales Director.
His opinion is proven by the operation of hundreds of other, similar applications. GPRS/EDGE ER75i routers are also suitable for industrial uses ,data transfer from ATMs, ticketing terminals and kiosks, and more.

Conel Iceland Volcano Monitoring