IMC Networks is now B+B SmartWorx

IMC Networks is now

B+B SmartWorx

Welcome to the new home of IMC Networks products, B+B SmartWorx.  Whether you’re looking for fiber media converters, fiber NIC cards, SFP transceivers, or Ethernet switches and extenders, you can still expect the same quality and dependability you’ve grown accustomed to.

  • Same Great Products

    We still have the industry’s most comprehensive line of optical access and media conversion products for LAN, MAN and FTTx applications. These include product families you already know such as McBasic, MiniMc, Mc and iMcV modules.
  • Approved Government Vendor

    Still a registered, GSA approved vendor. Federal agencies can still acquire and deploy our products quickly and easily, anywhere in the world.  Learn more.
  • TDM Products

    We offer products that can extend T1/E1 lines, DS3/E3 lines, TDM MUX devices and VDSL Extenders. The products provision a longer distance than copper can support, while making sure data is securely transmitted.

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3. Read our Selection Guide

It can be challenging to determine which Ethernet copper to fiber media converter is best for a specific application. Click below to go to a page where you can download our Ethernet copper to fiber media converter selection guide.

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About IMC and B+B SmartWorx

Founded in 1988, IMC Networks has been a leading provider of optical access and media conversion solutions for LAN, MAN and FTTx applications.

As a pioneer in the industry, IMC Networks developed many of the first fiber to Ethernet products that appeared on the market. IMC Networks continues to develop high quality products designed for easy integration into existing network infrastructure.

Acquired by B+B SmartWorx (formerly B&B Electronics) in 2012, IMC Networks helps give B+B SmartWorx the industry’s most comprehensive line of enterprise-class fiber-optic products, and helps B+B provide connectivity solutions for networks of all sizes.

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