Downloads for Serial I/O Cards

Note: Only the following revision levels of the Serial I/O cards are compatible with v4.1 serial drivers. To determine which version of the Serial I/O software drivers you should download, please find the part number and revision level of your card on the label on the back of the card.

Serial I/O PC Card - Removable 8510-00012
Rev M or below
Serial I/O PC Card - Ruggedized 8510-00073
Rev G or below
Serial I/O CF Card - Removable 8510-00094
Rev C or below
Serial I/O CF Card - Ruggedized 8510-00115
Rev C or below
(if you have the newer High-Speed version card click here)
Title/Description Platform(s) Download
Software and Manuals for Windows laptops.


Language(s): English
Windows 95OB
Windows 98, 98SE
Windows 2000
Windows XP
32.5 KB [exe]

Datasheet [pdf]

User Guide [pdf]

Quick Start [pdf]

Specifications [pdf]

Window Mobile
Installs using ActiveSync 4.0 or higher.

New features supported in this release:
• Windows Mobile 5.0 devices with CF slot
• Same executable supports Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE devices

Download latest version of ActiveSync.


Language(s): English
Windows Mobile 5.0

Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE

Pocket PC 2002

Handheld PC 2000
2.3 MB [exe]
Windows Mobile
Advanced Users Only. CAB File Installation ONLY!


Language(s): English
Windows Mobile 5.0 165.9 KB [exe]
Windows Mobile


Language(s): English
Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003

Pocket PC 2000, 2002

Handheld PC 2000
1.6 MB [exe]

Release Notes [txt]
SystemSoft CardWorks
Patch for users who have CardWorks showing the Single Serial I/O card incorrectly loaded as a modem.


Language(s): English
 Windows 95OB 202.9 KB [exe]