Serial I/O Driver CAB File Installation for Windows Mobile

Advanced Users Only

If you do not want to use the application installer, you can install the software from a CAB (cabinet) file. A CAB file contains all the software and drivers needed to install your product on a particular Pocket PC platform.

In order to install the CAB file, you need a way to transfer the CAB file to your Pocket PC, such as:

• Use Microsoft ActiveSync to transfer the CAB file to your Pocket PC. Windows Mobile 5.0 devices require ActiveSync 4.0 or greater.

• Use a memory card reader to save the CAB file from your desktop PC to a memory card, then insert the memory card into your Pocket PC.

• If your Pocket PC has Internet access, download the CAB file directly from Socket’s website to your Pocket PC.

1. Transfer the correct CAB file to your Pocket PC. Refer to the chart below to determine the correct CAB file for your Pocket PC. If transferring the CAB file with ActiveSync or downloading the CAB file directly to your Pocket PC, remember where you save the file.

Pocket PC Version

CAB File

2005 (Windows Mobile 5.0)




2. Tap Start | Programs | File Explorer.
3. Use File Explorer to browse to the CAB file. Tap on the CAB file.
4. The CAB file will start installing on your Pocket PC. Follow the instructions on your device screen to install the software.
5. Your device may warn that the CAB file comes from an unknown publisher. Tap Yes to continue installation.
6. After software installation, soft reset the device by pressing the reset button