B&B Electronics and Quatech Combine to Expand Solutions to Customers

On Oct 13, 2011, B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company, Inc. proudly announced its acquisition of Quatech, a global leader in Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB and serial device networking and connectivity solutions for industrial environments. The two companies, with their combined product offerings, will offer expanded product solutions and distribution channels, as well as continued excellent customer service and support.

Complete Device Networking
& Connectivity Solutions

Product lines for the two companies are highly complementary with little overlap. With the acquisition, we expect the product line to expand, and the combination of advanced engineering and technology capabilities creates the ideal opportunity to provide additional solutions for our customers.

The focus on top-rate engineering is a core value shared by both companies. Engineers from both organizations already interact directly with their customers’ engineers in developing custom solutions. Quatech in particular already has tremendous engineering expertise in embedded wireless connectivity, a sector that is quite important to B&B Electronics. Overall, this acquisition will greatly augment B&B Electronics' market position as a proactive solutions provider, and we expect to accelerate the pace of new product development from the company after we join forces.

The acquisition of Quatech supports a strategy already in place today by B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company by providing B&B Electronics with a much deeper sales and distribution channel strategy and a wider set of solutions, both of which will drive market growth. We will continue to focus on higher speed solutions to meet the needs of our OEM customers by further developing our engineering teams. We want to be known as the industry’s number one solutions provider.

B&B Electronics

Featured Products

  • • Ethernet Serial Device Servers
  • • Ethernet Switches
  • • Serial Converters & Isolation
  • • Wireless
  • • USB Connectivity
  • • Remote I/O & Data Acquisition
  • • Industrial Automation
  • • Cables and Cable Accessories
  • • Controllers
  • • Operator Interface
  • • Power Supplies
  • • Relays/Timers
  • • Surge Protection


Featured Products

  • • Wireless Serial Device Servers
  • • Wireless Ethernet Bridges
  • • Wired Serial Device Servers
  • • 802.11 Embedded Modules
  • • 802.11 Embedded Radios
  • • 802.11 Embedded Boards
  • • USB Products
  • • Express Cards
  • • PCMCIA Products
  • • CompactFlash Serial Cards
  • • Desktop Serial Products
  • • Bluetooth Serial Adapters
  • • HDMI Audio/Visual
  • • SocketSerial

Expanded Distribution
& Channel Partner Networks

B&B Electronics and Quatech offer a complementary blend of product offerings with little overlap and, in fact, have sold one another’s products for years. While B&B Electronics maintains a strong, large online direct marketing and catalogbusiness, Quatech has a strong sales and distribution channel as well as a particular strength in selling to OEMs, VARs and distributors. Quatech also has an embedded technology needed for Wi-Fi applications, a fast-growing market tied to mobile device connectivity. The addition of a strong sales channel and advanced OEM technology will provide improved product solutions and availability for our customers.

For both B&B Electronics and Quatech customers, product offerings are still available with preferred partners or directly. All customers will have the flexibility of expanded purchasing options.

Exceptional Customer Service & Support

The acquisition will enhance service levels with broader products and deeper availability. B&B Electronics will offer deeper technical knowledge and support to Quatech customers. Quatech brings much broader product accessibility and availability to B&B Electronics' customers through their comprehensive distribution channel. As one company, we will offer a much greater breadth of product portfolio with deep technical expertise.

B&B Electronics remains vigilant and focused on providing outstanding service and quality deliverables to its customers, with no interruptions related to any internal acquisition-related logistics. We anticipate no disruption in customer service, shipments or product development timetables as a result of the acquisition.

B&B Electronics will continue to be headquartered in Ottawa, Ill. and provide management in the following areas: manufacturing, engineering, marketing, administration, customer service and technical support. Sales and channel management and wireless engineering design will be managed out of Quatech’s existing facility in Hudson, OH.

B&B Electronics has a wide customer base that includes Fortune 100 companies and systems integrators and VARS. Quatech adds OEMs, VARs/System Integrators, additional Fortune 500 companies and government agencies with solutions that range from machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity and communication, remote asset monitoring and management, and resource monitoring and management.