Mike Fahrion, Director of Product Management

Mike Fahrion
Mike Fahrion, the director of product management at B&B Electronics, is an expert in data communications with 20 years of design and application experience. He oversees development of the company’s rugged M2M connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks based on serial, Ethernet, wireless and USB communication technologies. Fahrion has particular expertise in reliable connectivity solutions for devices deployed at the “edge” of networks in remote, harsh or uncontrolled environments. His technical expertise combined with a talent for simplifying complex issues allow Fahrion to turn technical babble and marketing speak into practical, useful information for engineers and managers. Fahrion is a speaker and widely-published author, including his politically-incorrect newsletter, eConnections, with over 50,000 monthly subscribers. Fahrion holds a BSEE from Iowa State University

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