Bill Conley, Cellular and Proprietary RF Device Product Manager

Bill Conley

Bill Conley is B&B Electronics' leader in wireless product development. Bill has owned several wireless telemetry companies and has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the wireless field as an embedded design engineer. He specializes in the digital, microcontroller, and microprocessor arenas. While he's accomplished with cutting edge technology, he also has a firm understanding of legacy applications with strong skills in analog/digital design and RS-232/485 serial applications.

In 2000, Bill became the first Aerocomm (Laird Technologies) certified wireless design engineer. Moving on in 2001, Bill then became Maxstream/Digi's first RF/wireless certified design engineer working with their Wireless Telemetry core modules. He also assisted Maxstream in developing their PKG modem.

Bill has been designing SCADA and telemetry solutions for remote monitoring and control for more than 20 years. He is a past winner of  the "Most Innovative Product" award for one of the first wireless mobile MDT's at the Land Mobile EXPO and was a "Best of Wireless Telemetry" winner at the 2002 Sensors Expo.

He also holds several US patents in the industrial wireless field.

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