Ethernet Copper to Fiber Media Converter Selection Guide

Ethernet Copper to Fiber Media Converter Selection Guide

| 7/29/2015 6:22:00 PM

It can be challenging to determine which Ethernet copper to fiber media converter is best for a specific application. Fiber type, connector type, speed, management/no management and form factor are all important considerations.

For example, if you look at just one family of B+B SmartWorx media converters, the compact MiniMc series, you’ll see that there are significant differences between individual models, just as there are significant differences between fiber types.

We’ve put together a selection guide to help you choose the media converter that will best suit your needs. It compares the features and capabilities of various media converters, and it will help you make the right purchasing decisions. You can view the media converter selection guide here. Happy hunting!

Download the selection guide.

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The most widely recognized utilization of fiber media converter is transmission amongst fiber and copper to broaden the system or acquaint fiber optic cabling with a copper based system. As these gadgets can be introduced wherever in the system and it is moderate, they are likewise being assigned for some different applications.
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It can be challenging to determine which Ethernet copper to fiber media converter is best for a specific application. Fiber type, connector type, speed, management/no management and form factor are all important considerations.
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It can be challenging to determine which Ethernet copper to fiber media converter is best for a specific application. Fiber type, connector type, speed, management/no management and form factor are all important considerations.
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