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Technology Solutions

B&B Electronics brings deep expertise and understanding to industries and applications both simple and complex.

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Networks may contain any combination of copper cable, fiber optics, wireless or cellular connections
Building access, cameras, integrated systems, alarms & detection

Legacy investments adapt for today's efficiency challenges
However the world moves, data connectivity moves with it

Utilities, Alternative, Oil & Gas, Water/Wasterwater
Use our expert engineering staff and in-house manufacturing for custom solutions.

ATMs, ticketing and lottery machines, POS devices and kiosks

Application Brochures


Title English Portuguese
Energy and Natural Resources PDF Versopm PDF Versopm
Transportation PDF Versopm PDF Versopm
Industrial Automation PDF Versopm PDF Versopm
Petroleum, Oil and Gas PDF Versopm PDF Versopm
Integrated CWDM PDF Versopm  

Make Your Smart Phones Smarter

Connect Your Serial Devices to Tablets and Smart Phones
Too many people have too much invested in serial-equipped devices for the standard to disappear any time soon. Now you can use smart phones and tablets to access your serial data, even in the most remote locations.