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Complete serial solutions to keep your equipment connected

Serial Conversion Products
Mark Twain once said, "the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Pundits have been predicting the death of serial communications for years - but billions of dollars of perfectly good equipment continues to perform useful service every day. And not just legacy equipment -- lots of new devices, from sensors to scales use a serial interface. To keep your serial equipment communicating and smoothly integrated with new technologies, B+B SmartWorx has developed the most extensive line of serial conversion and isolation products on the market.
Built tough to handle the most demanding environments, our serial products are rugged and reliable. We design, build and test right here in the United States ensuring top quality and in-stock, fast delivery.
You take pride in what you do every day... and so do we. When it comes to serial data connectivity, you won’t find a better resource than B+B SmartWorx. Off the shelf or custom solutions, we know serial.

Check out the Serial Converter, Repeater, Isolator Selection Guide before selecting a solution for your next project. 

Serial Connectivity Products

Serial Converters
Isolated, non-isolated and port or external power options
Serial Data Tools & Adapters
Splitters, combiners, data taps, mini tester, break out box, more

Isolators & Repeaters
Get the protection and distance you need for your application
PC Cards
PCI, SocketSerial, Isolated and Non-Isolated, PCMCIA, and more

Surge Protection
Protect your equipment from power surges, big and small.
Serial Accessories
Additional options to meet your specific application requirements.

You’ll find B+B SmartWorx products in more than 60 countries around the world through our extensive network of qualified Distributors and Channel Partners. This global network of distributors helps ensure fast, comprehensive and local customer service and support.

Experts at Serial

For over 30 years, B&B Electronics has designed and built serial connectivity devices rugged enough for the toughest conditions on earth.  Nobody knows serial better than we do.