Terminal Blocks and Wire Management

Terminal Blocks - Ground
Ground terminal blocks mechanically and electrically link wires to the DIN rail by using a metal clamping bar. The main differences between spring clamp earth terminals and the earth termianls with screw connections is the automatic contact when the terminal blocks are attached to the mounting rails. By international standards, ground blocks are color coded as green and yellow.
Terminal Blocks - Standard Type - Feed Through
Feed through terminal blocks allow one-to-one connections. They are available up to 175 A and accomodate wire sizes2/0 to 26 AWG. Eight different colors simplifies and organizes maintenance procedures. 600 V.
Terminal Blocks - Standard Type - Disconnects
Disconnect terminals allow open circuit without disconnecting the conductors by a disconnect busbar. In the disconnector, the disconnect busbar can be changed with a proper fuse to use as a fuse terminal. In ERTD 4 terminals, disconnection is achieved by lifting the knife contact to provide clear functional advantage for devices having utility instruments and associated transformers. Beige.

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