Smart Swarm 351 Industrial IOT Gateway

Translate Modbus RTU to IT protocols in real-time without disrupting, interrupting or reconfiguring your existing networks

  • A bolt-on physical device that provides an easy and cost effective way to release and translate your Modbus RTU data, in real-time, to a wider enterprise IT environment
  • Connects to the serial data line and ‘eavesdrops’ on the communications between the master and the attached slaves without impacting any performance of the existing automation system
  • Acts a fully functional gateway, taking care of all of the hardware complexities and potential issues of an unattended communication system
  • Designed to operate in some of the most demanding environments, is also mountable (DIN rail included), with DC power input for 24VDC rail
  • Allows data to be enriched (translated) in real-time as it is being sent, providing data understandable and searchable by anyone
  • Offers a variety of filters to control the flow of data to IT on an event-driven basis
  • Automatic layering of authentication and encryption around published data to ensure security