IoT and Network Edge Products

Wzzard Wireless Sensing Network
B+B SmartWorx brings intelligence right to the edge of your network with our wireless sensing platform. It’s a combination of intelligent edge nodes, SmartMesh IP™ wireless networking technology and our award-winning Spectre™ Network Gateway that provides a complete connectivity stack between virtually any sensor type and an IoT analytics applications – even in the most demanding environments.

Experts at Easy

Networks are getting more and more complex and specialized.  The B&B team works hard to make networks easy for you. Getting support before and after the sale is easy - our products are easy to locate through distribution partners, easy to install and easy to use.  What could be simpler?

You’ll find B+B SmartWorx products in more than 60 countries around the world through our extensive network of qualified Distributors and Channel Partners. This global network of distributors helps ensure fast, comprehensive and local customer service and support.