Industrial Ethernet Switches

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eWorx SE200 Series
Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches
eWorx SE300 Series
Monitored Ethernet Switches
Gigabit, SNMP, Modbus/TCP
eWorx SE500 Series
Fully Managed Ethernet Switches
Elinx ESW100 Series
Unmanaged 5 and 8 port Ethernet Switches
Elinx ESW200 Series with Fiber Option
Unmanaged 5 and 8 Port Ethernet Switches with Fiber Option
Elinx EIR400 Series
Unmanaged 4 to 18 port Gigabit Ethernet Switches
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Ethernet Switches

The Elinx ESW100 Series is an ultra-compact unmanaged switch built to tough, industrial specifications. This award winning switch is a great choice wherever space is at a premium – at less than 1” wide, it’s the smallest fiber switch on the market.