Ethernet Extenders Over Copper or Coaxial

Extend your Ethernet infrastructure using existing copper wire or coaxial cable

Elinx Extenders extend Ethernet connections up to 8,530 ft. (2,600 m) via coaxial cable or up to 6,200 ft. (1,900 m) over a pair of unused straight copper wire. Compare our Ethernet extenders below to see which model accommodates your application needs.

Our newest model, the compact EIS2-EXTEND-A, is a long reach Ethernet Extender that utilizes existing copper cabling infrastructure (twisted pair), extending Ethernet up to 1,200 meters over VDSL2. Applications, such as IP-based Internet connections, video surveillance and voice services, can benefit from the EIS2-EXTEND series. With a MTBF of 901,329 hours for confident reliability, the EIS2-EXTEND-A model also meets 802.3 Ethernet standards.