Ethernet Serial Servers & Gateways

Why replace expensive devices simply because they have serial ports?

Ethernet Serial Servers and Gateways
Monitoring and controlling legacy serial devices through your Ethernet LAN or WAN has never been simpler. B+B SmartWorx Vlinx™ family of Serial to Ethernet device servers offers reliable connectivity options in a wide variety of port counts and configurations. Our Modbus Gateways solve a whole range of connectivity problems by bridging unlike Modbus devices and networks to your Ethernet.

Different applications demand different solutions. From commercial installations to the harshest heavy industrial environments, B+B SmartWorx has a solution for you.
So, if you want to monitor a security gate across the parking lot or a temperature controller across the world, B+B SmartWorx has a Serial Device Server or Gateway to fit your application.
Don’t see what you need? Not exactly sure what would work best? Contact our free technical support team at 888-948-2248. They’ll set you up with the solution that’s right for you.

Ethernet Serial Servers & Gateways

Ethernet Serial Device Servers
Connect legacy equipment to your LAN or WAN
Cables and other supporting accessories

Modbus Gateways and Protocol Converters
Transform data and commands from one device to another

You’ll find B+B SmartWorx products in more than 60 countries around the world through our extensive network of qualified Distributors and Channel Partners. This global network of distributors helps ensure fast, comprehensive and local customer service and support.


Vlinx VESP211 mini-serial server.   It’s a little product with big performance.  Measuring only 2” x 3” x 1”, this ultra-compact serial to Ethernet converter fits almost anywhere.  Wide temp (-40˚ to 80˚C) and easy to use.