iMcV-T1/E1/J1 LineTerm - standard and extended temperature

T1/E1/J1 Media Converter

  • Operates at (T1/J1 1.544 Mbps) and (E1 2.048 Mbps)
  • Conduct Loopback tests, monitor/manage units via GUI-based iView2
  • Remote unit supports secure, out-of-band management
  • Available for multi-mode, single-mode, or single-strand fiber
  • Layer 1 modules
  • Supports fiber and copper remote loopback control
  • Transmit Data Source diagnostic tool sends data as unframed all ones, a pattern of alternating ones and zeros, or a Pseudorandom Bit Sequence (PRBS). A built-in PRBS signal detector makes testing even easier.
  • LED display for monitoring of line diagnostics
iMcV-T1/E1/J1 also available in CWDM Fiber. Call for details.