IE-iMcV-E1-Mux/4+Ethernet (Enhanced)

Modular, Managed Four E1 Plus Data Extension Over Fiber

  • Four independent E1 ports on RJ-48 connectors with surge protection
  • AIS generation on signal loss on all E1 and fiber interfaces
  • Supports local and remote loopback functions
  • Supports the Link Fault Pass-Through Function (LFPT)
  • Dual SFP fiber ports with 1+1 protection switching (SFP recommendation)
  • One RS-232 interface to support low speed data up to 120 kbps via MiniJack adapter
  • Both Host/Remote are managed from the Host unit
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) management provided via one MiniJack RS-232 console port
  • Remote Graphical User Interface (GUI) management through a managed iMediaChassis
  • SNMP Alarm TRAP reporting in managed chassis, including Last Gasp
  • Full LED diagnostics on front panel