Ethernet Media Converters

Extend Ethernet Distance with Media Converters

Ethernet Media Converters

B+B SmartWorx has an extensive range of sophisticated Ethernet to fiber media converters designed for every conversion requirement.  Our managed and unmanaged media converters, PoE and FTTX products, mode converters, and other industrial solutions are reliable, flexible, and easy to configure and manage. With dozens of models to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Ethernet media converter for your specific application.


Power Over Ethernet Products
The demand for Power Over Ethernet has dramatically increased with the advent of VoIP phones, IP cameras and other equipment. Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Power Draw (PD) devices are available in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit. Multiport versions offer a versatile solution in PoE and PoE+.

Unmanaged Media Converters
Modular, compact and stand-alone converters for Ethernet provide a low-cost solution to extend copper over fiber. Providing support for speeds up to 1 Gigabit, and available for single mode, multi mode, single strand fiber and CWDM, the versatile devices are simple to install.
Telco Products
Telco products offer solutions for T1, DS3, and VDSL2. Traditional Telco service is carried over the legacy solid copper phone wire, and has a range of about 12,000 ft(3.5km).Offering Layer 1 Telco over fiber extends that distance up to 80Km.

Managed Media Converters
Easily configure and manage converters with the GUI-based iView². As an SNMP management application, iView² gives network managers the ability to monitor and control IMC Networks' products, avoiding the "black hole". iView² runs standalone on Windows NT/XP/2000 or as a Web Server running under IIS.

FTTX Products
Provides security, management, bandwidth scalability and QoS

 Mode Converters
Mode Converters are protocol-independent devices with dual fixed fiber or SFP ports. They can provide a single conversion between different wavelengths or single-mode and multimode fiber, single-mode to single-mode fiber or multimode to single-strand single-mode fiber. Mode converters are available in a modular or a stand-alone form factor.
Additional options to meet your specific application requirements.

Modular Chassis Series
The iMediaChassis, MediaChassis and IE-MediaChassis series allows an array of iMcV-Modules to be installed. Available in 3,6 or 20 slot, each provides an additional slot for an SNMP Management Module. The one and two slot chassis, both in standard or extended temperature, are a perfect solution for the CPE.