Ethernet Switches, Routers & Extenders

Ethernet Switches
Ethernet isn’t just for business networks anymore. More and more, you need to get your devices connected to Ethernet backbones and networks. That’s why we offer a huge selection of rugged and reliable Ethernet devices designed with your demanding applications and environments in mind.
From ultra-compact 5 and 8-port models that take up less than an inch in your  crowded  cabinet,  to 26-port rack mount models for complex applications, we’ve got you covered. Most of our switches have options like single and multi-mode fiber optic ports, and wide operating temperatures for use in hot enclosures and sunbaked installations. We even add redundant power inputs so you can add a back-up power supply to keep your connections up and running. We have Gigabit, Power-over Ethernet (PoE) and sophisticated management options, too.
Need to reach out farther than Ethernet’s 100-meter limit? Try our innovative Ethernet Extenders. They can expand your network up to 3 ½ miles over your existing copper wires. Go even farther over fiber optic lines with our Ethernet media converters.
On top of this selection, you always get fast delivery and unmatched Technical Support - before, during and after the sale. Try us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ethernet Infrastructure Products

Ethernet Switches
Route data to specific devices, reducing overall LAN traffic
Ethernet Extenders
Extend Ethernet to impossible locations in existing infrastructure

Ethernet Routers
Ethernet Routers
Additional options to meet your specific application requirements.

Experts at Easy

Networks are getting more and more complex and specialized.  The B&B team works hard to make networks easy for you. Getting support before and after the sale is easy - our products are easy to locate through distribution partners, easy to install and easy to use.  What could be simpler?

You’ll find B+B SmartWorx products in more than 60 countries around the world through our extensive network of qualified Distributors and Channel Partners. This global network of distributors helps ensure fast, comprehensive and local customer service and support.