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Good decisions are based upon good research, and B&B Electronics can provide you with the information you’ll need to choose the right technology for your application. Explore our Learning Center for no- nonsense advice regarding data connectivity products and solutions.  View or download our videos, white papers, application case studies and diagrams at any time – and if you have further questions, click the web chat icon or reach out to us over the phone for free assistance.

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Reliable industrial automation requires careful planning.
Integrate your serial devices, whatever the protocol or the EIA standard.

Combine different media to build an efficient, reliable network.
Monitor and manage your mobile resources.

Ethernet-enable your legacy serial assets for easy access to your serial data.
Take USB’s desktop plug and play convenience out into the real world.

Deliver analog and digital remote I/O data over serial, Ethernet, USB or wireless connections.
Use wireless and cellular to create networks with great range and complex topologies.