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Advantech, a worldwide leader in Industrial Intelligent Systems, announced on Nov. 16 that it entered into an agreement, subject to customary closing conditions, to acquire B+B SmartWorx Inc., a privately-held company based in Ottawa, IL, for US$99.85 million.
Thirty-four-year-old networking expert B&B Electronics today emerged as B+B SmartWorx. While continuing the tradition of developing mission-critical network connectivity technology for remote or demanding environments, B+B SmartWorx is ramping up the intelligence in that connectivity piece, embedding intelligence throughout the network connectivity stack, from edge device to network backbone.
B+B SmartWorx, formerly B&B Electronics, today announced an acceleration for the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape with its Connected Intelligence Global Partner Ecosystem.   As a manufacturer of network connectivity technologies which serve as the heart or technical glue of IoT end solutions, B+B SmartWorx is launching the ecosystem to enable complementary partner companies to make intelligent connections with each other, combine expertise, and build effective IoT applications for end customers in the demanding, non-consumer IoT space.
B&B Electronics firmiert zu B+B SmartWorx und avanciert zum globalen IoT/M2M Experte
Der vor 34 Jahren gegründete Netzwerkexperte B&B Electronics gibt heute die Umwandlung des Unternehmens zu B+B SmartWorx bekannt. Die Tradition der Entwicklung der unternehmenskritischen Netzwerkverbindungs-Technologie für ferngesteuerte oder anspruchsvolle Umgebungen wird auch unter B+B SmartWorx beibehalten. Allerdings widmet sich B+B SmartWorx verstärkt dem Thema der angeschlossenen Intelligenz, wo intelligente Maschinen und Anlagen zusammenarbeiten, sich informieren und Entscheidungen treffen, die auf der Intelligenz aller basieren und nur wenig oder keine menschliche Überwachung erfordern.
B&B Electronics, a developer of mission-critical network connectivity solutions, announced today that one of Europe’s leading technology experts in machine-to-machine (M2M) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, Tim Taberner, has joined B&B Electronics as the global product manager for the company’s advanced IoT cellular gateways.  Since B&B acquired Czech Republic-based Conel and their industrial cellular gateways in 2012, B&B has invested intensive engineering effort to develop the cellular gateways beyond passive conduits for raw data into true IoT aggregators that transform data into useful information for analytics and other applications.